The Proper Negotiation Stance

This country is already a member of EFTA and we should refuse point blank to pay an entry fee to export to the European Trade Area, as do Norway and Iceland (we currently pay the equivalent of a 7% export tax as our share of EU membership, whereas the average export tax to the rest of the world is 3%). We must also refuse to bow to their demand for freedom of movement for ALL EU citizens as a price for allowing the City to continue to do business in the EU. Again, they need us more than we need them. The City always used to be able to run rings round the rest of the world in its ability to handle big money. If they can’t do that anymore then they had better get their act together again – otherwise, tough.

Author: John Timbers

Retired, ex-soldier, ex-tank technologist, ex-salesman, ex-project manager, ex-business development consultant, ex-security consultant, ex-editor. V happily married w/three grown&flown children and four grandchildren. Author of a number of books available on Amazon (see my website). Enjoy surfing the web, walking the dog and generally 'being retired'.

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