The Immigration We Need

Any sensible government that emerges will, as we always have done, encourage the best and brightest from wherever in the world to come over here to live and work. We must not, on the other hand, do our damnedest to strip the so-called Third World of their best and brightest to staff our hospitals nor should we encourage any more economic refugees, looking for a cushy base where they can do the least for the most, making it difficult for our own poorly educated (under-privileged) members of society to find work, school places, hospital beds, maternity beds, subsidised housing and so on.

The latest scare the Chancellor is putting about is that fewer students from the EU will now want to come to our universities. I wonder what evidence he has to offer to show that is the case. Our top universities (4 in the top 10 world class) are not going to turn them away, and the UK is culturally still a very attractive place to study.

All the leading Brexit politicians are now bending over backwards to promise the millions of (mostly East) European immigrants who are already here that they won’t be sent home as soon as Brexit happens. The extreme right are demanding “Why Not?”. The principal Brexiteers have called throughout their campaign for an Australian-style points system for immigration. The answer may be to insist that those who want to remain here after Brexit must meet the demands of such a system. One thing’s for sure, it will have to be a very thoroughly thought through and UK-tailored points system.

Author: John Timbers

Retired, ex-soldier, ex-tank technologist, ex-salesman, ex-project manager, ex-business development consultant, ex-security consultant, ex-editor. V happily married w/three grown&flown children and four grandchildren. Author of a number of books available on Amazon (see my website). Enjoy surfing the web, walking the dog and generally 'being retired'.

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