Oak Before Ash

The old saw tells us it’s going to be a long hot summer … let’s hope the trees (or perhaps I should say Timbers) are better forecasters than the miserable Climate Change doomsters. My (every man’s?) favourite weather girl, Carol, tells us it starts today and gets warmer as the week goes by. I’ve left off the long-johns and given up the vitamin D tablets to welcome that glorious yellow stranger up there in the sky. Somewhere down on the south coast this weekend they’re holding a Green Man festival to mark the beginning of Summer (the Roman’s knew and celebrated it as Flora’s Holiday, 5/6 May). I wish they’d pass on the good news to the BBC, who ignorantly maintain that summer doesn’t start until the solstice on 21 June (or thereabouts) – known to all once upon a time as Midsummer’s Day.

Author: John Timbers

Retired, ex-soldier, ex-tank technologist, ex-salesman, ex-project manager, ex-business development consultant, ex-security consultant, ex-editor. V happily married w/three grown&flown children and four grandchildren. Author of a number of books available on Amazon (see my website). Enjoy surfing the web, walking the dog and generally 'being retired'.

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