Negotiate From Strength Not Declared Weakness

The present government’s declared policy of using the Civil Service to negotiate our orderly exit from the EU is doomed to failure, if they don’t extract digit and pull in some practised, hard-nosed negotiators from industry. Some politicians ‘honestly’ believe that diplomacy and the will to make concessions is the way to organise the business. The last people we need anywhere near the negotiating table are diplomats – the bright boys and girls who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives – just learnt to talk themselves and others sweetly into the ground.

The answer to that is “Get Real!” They need us more than we need them. We should not be offering any concessions. Let them come to us on bended knee and beg us to maintain our exports to their so-called largest market in the world (you know, that huge market that has more trade restrictions in it than any other, so making it impossible to trade there without sacrificing the ability to trade elsewhere, because your goods are too expensive – unnecessarily so – that market with which we have an at least £8billion trade deficit). If they want continued access to our home market, let them begin offering concessions.

Author: John Timbers

Retired, ex-soldier, ex-tank technologist, ex-salesman, ex-project manager, ex-business development consultant, ex-security consultant, ex-editor. V happily married w/three grown&flown children and four grandchildren. Author of a number of books available on Amazon (see my website). Enjoy surfing the web, walking the dog and generally 'being retired'.

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