Friday The Thirteenth Again

Are they coming around any faster? It seems like only yesterday I was warning that we shouldn’t stir too far from our beds. What’s fate got in mind for me this time? But still, I don’t need much of an excuse not to stir my stumps these days. Perhaps it will be my lucky day.Looking back, the last one was in November, when I wrote a little poem. Don’t think I’ll break into song this time. After watching the Invictus Choir last night, I don’t think I can compete.


Now we’re threatened by DC with risking war in Europe if we vote OUT. Bring it on!

NO, I don’t mean that, but that sort of stupid threat makes me feel that way! No European armed forces are in any way geared up for war – certainly not ours, which are pathetically weak. If we leave, we will still be a leading member of NATO and that is where Europe’s strength lies. Even if Donald Trump gets to the White House and forces Europe to contribute more to the alliance, it’s very unlikely that that most successful of treaty’s will be dissolved.

The Spreading Chestnut Tree

Cousin Mandy has continued her research into her (and therefore my) family background on her mother’s side – Stella the cousin I never knew I had and, sadly, never met. She hasn’t quite exhausted the male Timbers line ancestors (the bearers of the name) but she has found some fascinating branches down (or is it up?) the female line. Her best success so far has been on her great great grandmother’s family (my great grandmother) Emma. On her father’s side she was a Dobson, on her mother’s a Bussey, so on Mandy’s tree she features as Emma Bussey Dobson Timbers, although I very much doubt if she ever referred to herself that way – double or triple-barreling only ever applied way up the social scale amongst the aristocracy, who needed to keep family bloodlines well defined, especially down the female line.

Now I find I have a cousin of roughly my own age named Dobson, living in (or near) Brisbane in Queensland, a part of the world I have never managed to visit, despite having a firm friend who hails from there and a godmother who lived out her life there with her daughter after the war, both survivors of Japanese POW camps in Sumatra – the ‘Tengko experience. I have an invitation from Gresham Dobson, said cousin, to visit his home via Google Maps. That I will do. I may even call on the psychic powers of my sci-fi ( or should I say psi-fi) trilogy characters when I go!