You don’t have to  be a committed Remainer or an ardent Brexiteer to be more than a little disgusted with the performance of our present Government over the farcical ‘negotiation’ of our surrender to the EU on their terms.

How the Prime Minister has lasted in her post as long as she has, most people in the country fail to understand. Some admire her staying power… most shake their heads at the sheer stubbornness of the woman and her arrogance in believing that she’s the only member of her Government who has any idea what  the voters wanted when they chose Brexit by a clear and adequate margin.

I cannot claim to know what anyone else wants. I do not rub shoulders with politically active folk… I don’t even go to my local for a pie and a pint to chat with fellow villagers. However, I do know what my gut feeling tells me and that is that I am not alone when I say that I want OUT of the EU. I want our country to have no further commitment to that non-democratic construct that has set itself up as a dictatorship over the twenty-seven nations, that will remain subject to the Commission after the UK has left in March 2019. 

OUT to most of voters means just that. We must no longer be a member of the single market; no longer be subject to the jurisdiction of the barely legal European Court of Justice; no longer be subject to EU business regulation; no longer pay exorbitant annual membership fees, so often misused for extortion and blatant corruption.

We have to regain control of our own borders and enforce our own immigration laws. There must be no kowtow to the EU’s blatant attempt to annex Northern Ireland by their insistence on border controls between North and South – or else. We must regain control of our territorial waters with NO un-negotiated concession of fishing rights to France or anyone else.

Anything less than an exit with those red lines uncrossed will be a total betrayal of 17.2 million voters, who decided after due deliberation in June 2016 that they wanted to return to being an independent sovereign country governed by its own Parliament, without interference from unelected ‘civil’ servants domiciled in Brussels or Strasbourg. That decision was made in the teeth of a propaganda campaign carried out with barely legal government backing, using taxpayers’ money.

Should Remainers succeed in their all-knowing arrogance in forcing a second referendum or – worse – a deferment of Article 50 of the EU constitution (which will inevitably result in our not leaving at all), that will finally prove to the voting public that the Government and the opposition parties do not give a damn for what Joe Public thinks. The establishment will pay at the next election. Unfortunately, so will Joe Public, if the result is a Marxist Communist government by default. 

How do we celebrate (or mourn, if you’re a remainer) Freedom Day 2019?

If it hasn’t happened already, I daresay it won’t be long before a public competition (no doubt to be won by an infant school wunderkind) is launched for events to mark the day the UK gains its freedom from the EU (although we should all know by now that it won’t happen for real until the end of 2021 – the almost two-year long extension to satisfy industry and institutions without the wit to use the two years of exit negotiations to sort themselves out! How they can call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’, I find pretentious beyond belief!)

My favourite suggestion so far (in the Daily Telegraph today – 29/3/18) is another Bonfire Night with the bogeymen of the Brussels bureaucracy being burnt in effigy instead of Guy Fawkes. The postscript to that suggestion was that Sir John Major and Tony Blair should be first reserves. Personally, I think the late Sir Edward Heath should be the first on the bonny.

I suspect that some of the present Cabinet and the Prime Minister herself could feature on the list, if the people of UK feel let down by whatever the final agreement comes up with, especially if the final price tag is more than we currently pay over two years for full membership and/or there is no end in sight for unlimited immigration from the EU.

The Ides of March

Today is, of course, the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar at the hands of – amongst others – Marcus junius Brutus, who was probably his natural son by Sempronia, former wife of Marcus Junius Brutus senior, who was executed by Pompey. Now that was a political murder if ever there was one. JC and Sempronia had been lovers for a very long time – probably since before he married Cornelia, his first wife. Caesar’s last words (famously according to Shakespeare) were ‘Et tu Brute’ (often translated by students with tongue in cheek as ‘Ouch, you, brute!’)

Young Brutus and his fellow assassins, who had all fought against JC in his civil war against the corrupt Republican Senate and their equally corrupt supporting general, Pompey, had all been forgiven and reinstated in their positions of influence by JC after their lengthy civil war against him. Their excuse for killing JC was that he intended to have himself crowned king, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. JC had already been declared Dictator for life by the Senate, a role he had tried to resign. He no more believed in kingship than the most ardent of Republicans.

Escape To Mars

I have recently been following the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s interests on YouTube. He fully intends to direct his SpaceX enterprise towards setting up a manned community on Mars in the not too distant future in order to ensure that, if and when some life threatening disaster strikes earth that could send humanity (if it survives at all) back into the Dark Ages – as many now believe has happened before – there will be a body of intelligent human life sufficiently far away to be unaffected and therefore able to return to the planet and ensure that those new Dark Ages are not as prolonged as the last ones.

Musk says that his Mars spaceship is already in build, although I doubt that it would be possible to build a ship capable of getting to Mars from an Earth launch. IMHO it would have to be built either in space itself or on the Moon, using materials collected there for that purpose.

I go into some detail about my concept in my latest book Think Freedom 4 – Escape to Mars (available in e-book formats on Amazon Kindle). In my book I outline what I think might well be the cause for such an evacuation but project it much further into the future than Musk suggests.

I also give my escapees the benefit of important technology developments that Musk predicts but which will not be functional in any practical and cost-effective form for many years yet. To launch such a project before that technology is up and running would be too risky by far.

Selecting, training and preparing such an escape community will take far longer than he seems to think. To be a worthwhile reserve community will take far more than bravery and the acceptance of the strong risk of death or disastrous failure. It will need far more than a simple call for volunteers prepared to risk all.